4 Tips to Testing and Tagging Electrical Equipment at Work

Workplaces are full of electrical equipment, switches, cords and plugs that can present a potential hazard to employees. The Brisbane Electricians Network provided 4 tips on reducing the chance of death or injury from badly maintained electrical equipment.

1. Know the law.

Different states have different rules for workplace safety. It’s important for businesses to know the laws pertaining to their state and ensure they create a safe environment for employees.

2. Ensure workers understand their rights and responsibilities.

Workers need to understand their responsibility to look after their own safety and not recklessly endanger themselves or others. Encourage them to offer input about how the workplace could be made more safe.

3. Offer training and supervision.

Train workers and supervise them to ensure they are complying with the safety rules that apply.

4. Identify hazards.

Identify electrical hazards from all appliances and take steps to address them sooner rather than later. These hazards can result from the type of equipment being used along with its age, location and condition.