Keep Your Workplace Safe with Electrical Testing and Tagging – Here’s How

Work Safe officials visit a Victorian workplace every 12 minutes and stiff penalties apply to businesses that breach electrical safety laws, explained Labor Fest Detroit’s Joseph Scott.

Workplaces are required to provide a safe environment where all possible steps to prevent electrocution have been taken.

Items should be tested for electrical safety on a regular basis. They should then be tagged with a report that outlines the result of the test, who carried it out and on what date and when the next test will occur.

Using a professional electrician for testing and tagging offers a number of advantages.

1. Potential hazards are better identified and prevented.

2. Compliance with ever changing OH&S laws is easier to achieve.

3. Defective equipment can be fixed on the spot.

Professional electricians are able to be less biased than internal staff. Some staff may be reluctant to advise that expensive equipment be replaced if there is a budgetary or other implication for them personally.