Do You Know the Most Recent Electrical Safety Testing Regulations?

New workplace laws are in place covering the testing and tagging of electrical equipment, with most states implementing the changes this year. In an article by Safety Solutions, Sarah Allen of Appliance Tagging Services explained the revised requirements.

The new WHS legislation makes clear that all electrical equipment used in hostile environments must be inspected and tagged regularly by a person competent to carry out the work.

Hostile environments are those that place added stress on an electrical appliance by virtue of elevated heat, moisture, chemicals or other factors. Items not in this environment need to undergo a written risk assessment.

All circuits operating in a hostile setting need to be protected by an RCD safety switch. This needs to be tested regularly in accordance with national and state laws.

Companies need to appoint a competent person to handle inspection and reporting duties. They should own a copy of legislative guide, AS/NZS 3760 and fully understand its contents. In addition, they should have public liability and professional indemnity insurance to provide protection in the event of an electrical incident.