Do You Know Your Workplace Electrical Requirements? The NSW Government Explains

Under NSW law, certain electrical equipment needs to be regularly inspected and tested by a qualified person. The NSW Government’s WorkCover site went over some of the requirements in the workplace.

For a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), it is their responsibility to have workplace electrical equipment regularly inspected and tested by a qualified person. If this is not carried out, electrical faults could occur, leading to fires or electrocution.

Regular testing needs to happen if an item of electrical equipment is plugged into the wall and is exposed to conditions that may damage it or shorten its lifespan. These include excess moisture, heat, vibration or chemicals.

Depending on the workplace environment, different standards apply. For example, electrical equipment in demolition or construction sites needs to be checked more regularly than other workplaces.

A record of the test must be kept until the following inspection or until the item is discarded. This record needs to identify the person who carried out the testing, the date it occurred, the result of the testing and the date on which the next test will be carried out. This record can be in the form of a tag attached to the item being tested.