Got Electrical Problems? Follow this Plan

If you’re trying to get to the bottom of an electrical problem you need a clear plan. Luckily, Ask The Electrician already have one laid out.

1. The first priority is safety. Only qualified electricians should carry out actual assessment and repair work. For those in a position to do the work, start by shutting circuits off at the mains and tagging them. The next step is to cap wires with wire nuts or use electrical tape to insulate them when the circuit needs to be restarted.

2. Examine the cables and identify where power is coming in. Check devices in the network to see if they are malfunctioning.

3. Check the switch with an OHM meter in case the problem is the result of a fixture that isn’t working.

4. Next, test the wires. Neutral connections should be analysed at the source and at any point leading into the affected area.

This process of elimination should help you to identify the cause of the problem.